G Suite for Education

An external service which, if so desired, one can activate into his use.

G Suite for Education is a cloud service for students and staff produced by Google. The service was known earlier with the name Google Apps for Education and also with the abbreviation GAFE.

The service is not automatically available but every one who is a student or a staff member of the University of Oulu, if so desired, activates it into his use himself.

On this page, there are links to the most important instructions, information what terms of use you will accept when activating the service into your use and what actions you have to take to activate the service. On the page there also are instructions, what WWW address and which username are used to login into the service.

G Suite is external cloud service

When you consider the activating the service into your use, pay attention, among others, to the following points:

  • The service is external cloud service.
  • You use service independently and at your own risk. The University has no possibility to offer support in the problem situations which are related to the service. In these situations please contact support of Google.
  • Your name, your username and your e-mail address of the service are saved in the cloud service and are seen by other G Suite users of the University of Oulu.
  • Realise the fact also that the use conditions and licences may change without Google informing about changes. In practice it can mean that your personal data and your files saved in the service by you could be copied to the other parties.
  • Google does not make back-up copies of the Google Drive storage space which comes into your use. Take care of the back-up copying yourself.
  • The right to use the G Suite ends at the latest when the validity of the username of the University ends.

DO NOT HANDLE CONFIDENTIAL OR SECRET MATERIAL IN CLOUD SERVICES! THIS KIND OF INFORMATION IS, AMONG OTHERS, THE PERSONAL DATA OF THE OTHERS. THE PROHIBITION ALSO APPLIES TO THE E-MAIL OF THE G SUITE SERVICE. Become acquainted with the instructions of the University in Notio (How to access Notio) and follow them: Tietoaineistojen luokitteluohje (in Finnish), Tietoaineistojen käsittelysäännöt (in Finnish).

This way you activate the G Suite service

The activating of the service is possible for students and staff but still optional.




  • You can activate the service by accepting the terms of use with an activation form in Novell Identity Manager (IDM) portal. After the filling of the form the service will be available in about two (2) hours.
  • Read the Activation guide, and follow it carefully step by step while filling in the form; only so the activation procedure could succeed.
  • Open the activation form: use Firefox or Chrome, or Remote Desktop connection. If asked, log in the IDM portal with the University's account and password.

This way you log in the G Suite service

You can only log in to the service if you have made the required activation tasks and furthermore, more than two hours have elapsed from them. If login does not succeed or all the services will not be available after two hours, wait until the following day or try activation one more time with another WWW browser.

  • Link to the G Suite portal: http://edu.oulu.fi.
  • Use your University's user account and password to login to all G Suite services.
  • If you like to save portal's address as a bookmark or as a favorite in WWW browser, be sure the address is saved as shown above. Otherwise the authentication will fail and pages will not open.
  • You can log in Google services also on the other pages, for example https://drive.google.com/. On these kind of pages, use your account in form: account@edu.oulu.fi

Problems and support

It is not possible for the University to offer support in the problem situations which are related to the service. Please use Google's support services instead. If you suspect that the services do not operate, you can monitor the status here.

The most importat G Suite services

You pay attention to the fact that on different services there can be their own use conditions and agreements the acceptance of which is a precondition for the use of the service.

Communities and services from which hints and a user support can be searched for:

Last updated: 1.8.2017