Account termination

The account, e-mail and the licence to use the programs will cease when your studying or your employment ends. You will get a message about the termination to your e-mail beforehand.


In case you:

  • have finished your studies or
  • discontinue your student status or
  • are not registered as a present student

the right of using university information systems ends, this means that your account will be closed.

Account termination also includes your email address. The email folders and other files are automatically removed within certain time from the O365 service.

The account will be closed automatically by the system and it can not be continued by hand. You get a message about termination beforehand to the email address saved in Oodi.

If you are part of university staff, account will remain active.

You should prepare yourself to account termination:

  • prepare to notify your new personal email address to partners in cooperation
  • backup your own important files from the network drives and OneDrive
  • save your important email messages: you can send them to the new address or save them as a pst-file or using Thunderbird application if need. Read more about the pst-file in O365 guide page and about Thunderbird in FAQ.
  • uninstall University's software from your own devices, right to use software will terminate too

Last updated: 4.1.2018