Guidelines about home directory

If you have got a valid user account of the university, then you have got a personal home directory in servers of the university.

Use of the home directory:

  • In the home directory you can save your files and create your home pages too. Read more: Home pages
  • You will find your home directory as drive K: on workstations maintained by ICT Services.
  • Outside university you can access your home directory by VPN client or by using VPN Portal.
  • In VPN client connection, you can map (=Map network drive) your home directory (as a student) using the path  \\\account (the account in the path is your user account).
  • You can operate in your home directory using UNIX commands through SSH connection. Read more: SSH connection

Size of home directory:

When the disk quota is full:

  • You will get the message to your e-mail, when the upper limit of the storage capacity approaches. Then you have to remove those files / directories you don't need anymore.
  • More information about disk space management in UNIX: link. The link leads to internal web pages which can be opened in the university network. To open pages outside the university network, you need to use a light authentication with VPN connection, read more: VPN secure access service.

Read more: student account, staff account, home pages, SSH, computers for student use, VPN

Last updated: 17.3.2020