The basic printing quota for the spring term

4 € has been added into your printing quota if you have printed during the autumn term.

For the spring term 2020 the basic quota is 4 €. It has been added to all those students' printing quotas who have used their quotas during the autumn term.

4 € is always the start situation for the new student's basic quota.

A printing quota is student's printing balance in euro and it is a sum of a basic quota and an additional quota. The basic quota is paid by the University and the additional quota is paid by the student or by the unit.

Read more about the printing quota:

In case of problems which are related to the printing:

  • Read the quick guide which is located on the wall above the Canon device or search for information on the instruction page: Printing guidelines
  • If you need help, please turn to the service engineer of Canon: canon (at)

Last updated: 7.1.2020