Some computer premises are closed

Because of the corona situation the cleaning of the premises of the university is intensified and the resources are concentrated on core areas and to risk sections. In practice this means that some of the computer premises and laptop vendors have to be closed for the present.

These laptop vendors are closed:

  • L2PC: Linnanmaa Väylä, opposite of  L5

  • L3PC: Linnanmaa Opintokatu

  • K1PC: Kontinkangas, Aapistie 7A loft

These computer classrooms are closed:

  • PK247: Linnanmaa Pegasus, 2nd floor

  • PK251: Linnanmaa Pegasus, 2nd floor

  • PK269: Linnanmaa Pegasus, 2nd floor

Last updated: 16.3.2020