Remote use of student's home directory

Install VPN client on your home computer. With the client, you can use the files in your home directory remotely.

If you need files saved in your network drive K, install OpenVPN Connect on your home computer. Instructions for the installation: Windows home computerMac computer and UNIV workstation of the staff.

Map network drive

As a student, you can map your home directory to one of the drives in your home computer. When the VPN connection is on, map (=Map network drive) your home directory using the path \\\account (account is your user account). After that, you can copy your files into OneDrive of O365 service. When working with your OneDrive, no VPN connection is needed any more.

Like OneDrive, also e-mail, Teams, Zoom, Moodle, and other cloud services can be used without the VPN connection.

To avoid getting the VPN service jammed, only use the VPN connection when you really need it!

ICT Service Point is working remotely

You can send email, call or use the chat: contacts

Last updated: 17.3.2020