OpenVPN Connect error "Authentication Failed"

If you were one of the first OpenVPN users, you may now get an error message when trying to open the OpenVPN connection: Authentication Failed . This is due to the fact that the default setting of the validity of the profile was a week at that time. Create now a new profile, the validity will automatically be 2 years.

Create a new eduVPN- profile:

  1. Begin with this link: Activate EduVPN
  2. Authenticate first via
  3. Log in VPN Portal using your university user account
  4. Choose Configurations
  5. Delete your old eduVPN profile
  6. Create a new profile and name it
  7. Download the profile to your computer
  8. Bring the profile into OpenVPN Connect client in your computer
  9. Delete the old profile also from the client.


Last updated: 24.3.2020