Now you can use the software of the university without licenses

During the last weeks, ICT Services of the university have brought into use new servers which are suitable for remote working. On these so-called remote desktop servers there are several special and science-specific software for all the students and researchers. The installing of many of these programs to your own workstation requires a licence but the use of the same software through the remote desktop is free for you.

At the moment, following programs are at your disposal on the remote desktops: SPSS, Matlab, CST studio, NVivo, AutoCAD you tear, Archicad, Rhino, Comsol, Mathematica, SAS, Adams and Julia. The software selection will still be extended.

Act this way:
1.    Install OpenVPN Connect application on your computer for the use of remote desktops and create the personal VPN profile. Instructions on the page: OpenVPN and profile.
2.    Then define the remote desktop connection which you want to use. Instructions on the page: Remote desktops.
3.    Use the software remotely in the same way as in the network of the university.

ICT Service Point:, tel. 0294 483 080

Last updated: 14.4.2020