University of Oulu, 2016

Teams will replace Skype

Microsoft has announced that Skype will be replaced by the newer and much more diverse Teams and that organizations should switch to using it as soon as possible. Teams has been available for a long time alongside Skype, and now already 3000 people at the university are using Teams every day for  discussions, online meetings, team workspaces and file management. With Teams, you can collaborate effectively in one place.

Official transition to Teams will take place between 1.6.2020 - 1.8.2020 at the University of Oulu.

    Transition will happen during the summer starting from staff and then students. Personal transition schedule can not be provided.
    Teams application will be installed automatically, or has allready been installed, to all university's workstations. Teams client to mobile devices can be dowloaded personally from application store.

What does it mean once I am upgraded to Teams?

  •     Once your account has been upgraded, you will no longer be able to log into your Skype for Business account.
  •     All Skype messages from external users will be routed to Teams.
  •     You can not schedule any new Skype meetings but you will be able to join Skype meetings organized by others organizations via the Skype for Business web app.
  •     All new meetings will be scheduled in Teams using Outlook calendar or Teams app.

What I need to do?

  •     Begin using Teams as your primary chat, calling and meetings tool, if you haven’t already.
  •     Familiarizing yourself at Wistec Online to Transition from Skype to Teams

Last updated: 5.5.2020