University of Oulu, 2019

Teams has replaced Skype

Skype for Business has been replaced with Teams in the university.  Teams is a part of Office 365 Education services and it has already been used as an instant messenger and as a teamwork and meeting tool.

    Skype for Business is not any more in use. So you cannot use your Skype for Business account any more. All the Skype messages which arrive from external users are directed to Teams.

    If you have internal Skype for Business meetings in your Outlook calendar, they have become Teams meetings automatically. 

    If you get an external Skype for Business meeting invite, you can join the meeting with Skype Meeting App which functions in the WWW browser. Just follow the invite link and install SkypeMeetingApp.msi as the browser recommend.

    In case you like to know more about transition from Skype to Teams, watch videos at Wistec Online. To log in, use your organization's credentials and your O365 account (

    1. Getting to know Teams (2:46) Video
    2. Where to find Skype chat features in Teams (1:08) Video
    3. Where to find Skype meetings features in Teams (2:55) Video
    4. Continual Chat (1:19) Video
    5. Teams in Teams (1:51) Video
    6. Files in Teams (1:27) Video
    7. More fun with conversations (1:45)


    Last updated: 8.6.2020