O365 - Email addresses


While you activated O365 service according to activating guidelines, the system created a new email address for you and showed it on the screen. The email address is usually as a rule:


But if there exists an other user with the same name, your address could contain letters from your second name or numbers. So your email address could be in form:


  • Inform all your partners in cooperation including library and email lists about your new email address.
  • Update your email address in information services you are using. For example WebOodi, read QuickGuide to update personal data in WebOodi.
  • Emails sent to this address will come into O365 service.
  • The username of O365 service is a valid email address too: account(at)student.oulu.fi
  • Also these old forms of email addresses can still be used: account(at)paju.oulu.fi and account(at)mail.student.oulu.fi


Email addresses of the staff members are in form: firstname.lastname@oulu.fi or firstname.x.lastname@oulu.fi


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Last updated: 8.11.2017