O365 - Email addresses

Office 365 Education service is in your use automatically if university's user account was created on 1st August 2019 or later. Otherwise, you need to activate the service in your use if you have not done it yet -> User actions.



The system has created an email address for you. The email address is usually as a rule:


But if there exists an other user with the same name, your address could contain letters from your second name or numbers. So your email address could be in form:


  • Inform all your partners in cooperation including library and email lists about your new email address.
  • Update your email address in information services you are using. For example WebOodi, read QuickGuide to update personal data in WebOodi.
  • Emails sent to this address will come into O365 service.
  • The username of O365 service is a valid email address too: account(at)student.oulu.fi
  • Also these old forms of email addresses can still be used: account(at)paju.oulu.fi and account(at)mail.student.oulu.fi


Email addresses of the staff members are in form: firstname.lastname@oulu.fi or firstname.x.lastname@oulu.fi


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Last updated: 27.6.2019