Wistec Online e-learning and new features of Teams

Wistec Online is an e-learning service that provides ICT courses by leading experts in their fields. It offers basic and advanced level courses and a lot of videos to help you develop your ICT skills. Invest in your remote learning skills with the help of the service anywhere and anytime. You can find courses in Finnish and in English.

Use this possibility now when the courses are free for you as a student of the university or belonging to the staff at least until the end of this year. 

Log in easily to Wistec Online with the university O365 username: Choose "Kirjaudu sisään/ Log In" and then "Office 365". Enter your O365 username (account@student.oulu.fi) and the password.

Participate in the introduction in Finnish on Friday 11th September at 13:00 –15:00 and you hear what new functions have come into Teams during the summer and early autumn. Join the meeting: Microsoft Teams meeting link .

Last updated: 2.9.2020