University of Oulu, 2016

Did you get a message about user account termination?

If the message came from ICT Services of the university, it is quite justified most probably! On the basis of the student register of the university, your right to study has ended and therefore you got the message. The student's user account is valid four weeks after the end of study right.

Do you intend to continue your studies?

As a continuing student, you should have registered as present by Sept 14, 2020. If you missed the registration period, you have to apply for the reactivation of study right yourself.

See the instructions: Continuing students | Annual registration.

Connect: Academic Affairs Service Point.

Have you finished your studies?

You have four weeks to copy your files from the network drive (K drive) of the university and from those cloud services the right to use is based on the user account of the university. For example, O365 e-mail and OneDrive will disappear automatically after 30 days.


Last updated: 17.9.2020