Update your Zoom application!

Check which Zoom version you are using and update it, if necessary, during already this weekend!

The newest version is 5.4.3. There are important updates in it and therefore the version updating is worth making.

Version 5.2.0 or older versions will stop working  this weekend, so you better have the newest version on Monday, December 7 in your use.


Check the version and update if needed

  1. Open Zoom application
  2. You can see the version number at the bottom of the window:
    Kuvassa näkyy kirjautumispainikkeen alla versiotieto, eli Version 5.0.0
    (If you already have signed in Zoom, check the version in the menu of top corner: Help - About Zoom).

  3. If the version in your use is not 5.4.3, then update it.
  4. If the update is needed, sign-in: use always the option Single Sign On (SSO); Company domain is oulu.zoom.us; use your university user account and sign-in. In the menu of top corner, choose "Check for Updates".

Last updated: 4.12.2020