OneDrive has plenty of space for your files

OneDrive for Business is a personal storage resource that is part of the university's O365 service. Its capacity has been expanded five-fold; it was 1 TB and now it’s grand 5 TB! 

In addition to OneDrive’s high capacity, a big advantage is the fact that you can access your files with all your IT devices, share and update files with your community in real-time. Use it as a primary saving resource for your files. 

You can use OneDrive through O365 portal with a browser on any IT device which has an intenet connection. You also can install a OneDrive application on your own computer, to a tablet or phone from the application store of the device. With the help of the application you also can sync files and folders to your own device so that you also can use them in the offline state.

You are administering the user rights of your OneDrive, for example by adding rights to other persons for the time of the collaboration and by removing those rights yourself when they are not needed any more.

Be careful about what files you delete or replace because there are no traditional backup copies available to ICT Services or the user.  However, you can restore files removed from OneDrive within 90 days provided that your user account is valid.

Become acquainted with use and file sharing of OneDrive by watching the short videos of Microsoft:  


Last updated: 8.2.2021