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Get the new ICT skills now!

Have you already taken an advantage off the ICT courses offered by the university? Did you know that the level courses of the Wistec Online service and the high-quality education videos are in your use and they are also in English?

Update your ICT skills to correspond to present needs and take the possession of the necessary tools of the distance learning. Utilise a wide course supply and learn the new skills of which there is an advantage also in the working life.

The use of the service is free for the students and the staff of the University of Oulu.

You can participate in these courses when it suits your own schedule best. You need only the web access.

Log in to Wistec Online service through a visible Office 365 button there and with your O365 user name (

Check the course supply and pick up the set which is useful to yourself!

  • Do you participate in the teaching with Teams? Do you already know its versatile properties? Does Teams rule over you or you over Teams? Take the basics of Teams in the possession and learn more in practice. Become acquainted also with the handy meeting functions of Teams.
    Teams Basics | Teams Meetings 

  • Do you deal with large amounts of data, for example the results of lab work? Learn to utilise Excel effectively; how to sort and filter data on tables, create the diagrams of the data and utilise functions. There are Excel courses from basics to advanced available, pick up your own!
    Excel Basics | Excel Advanced

  • Are you writing your diploma work? Watch the videos of the text formatting in Word, into use of layouts and styles and into the creation of the table of contents. On the advanced course of Word, you get the instructions for academic writing, creation of, among others, the footnotes and endnotes and for the marking of sources.
    Word Basics | Word Advanced

  • Do you want to extend your ICT know-how in some other sector, for example Windows 10, O365 or Sharepoint? The Wistec Online service offers a large number of educational videos from different sectors.

  • You can also study the use of applications to which the university does not offer licences, for example Power BI tools and the Adobe applications like InDesign and Photoshop. These skills you may need now or in the future.

  • Update your information also about these subjects: General Data Protection Regular, Cyber Security and Time Management.


Last updated: 11.2.2021