E-mail rules in brief

E-mail rules for a student.

Every e-mail user has one or more roles

  • There are slightly different rules, for example, for staff members and students

All rules must be obeyed

  • Use different passwords in the university services and in external services
  • Apply thorough consideration before using the university e-mail address for private purposes (see Rules of IT Service Use)
  • If you mistakenly receive e-mail intended for someone else, forward the message to the correct recipient, and inform the sender of the mistake
  • Remember that the privacy of correspondence also applies to e-mail
  • Make sure you have enough free space in your mailbox
  • Don't distribute spam
  • Don't leave any private messages in the university mailbox when your user rights expire


  • Use primarily the university e-mail account for study-related purposes
  • For receiving university’s announcements to the correct email address always inform your address to the university’s services and information systems  that you use
  • When you contact university through email, remember always to inform your name and contact information in a message
  • All messages sent and received in the role of a student are private
  • If you have an employment contract with the University, you are also bound by the staff members' rules; moreover, you must keep your work- and study-related e-mail clearly separated

You can read on the whole the E-mail Rules as well as rules for the staff in the university intranet Patio.

Last updated: 25.3.2021