Notio’s workspaces have been transferred to Eduuni

The workspaces which earlier were in Notio and extranet, have been transferred to CSC – IT Center for Science’s Eduuni service. The use of the Eduuni service facilitates teamwork especially with the external quarters of the University of Oulu.

The new address of the workspaces is The link could be found also in Notio at the topmost left corner under the title "eduuni workspaces"

Eduuni's flexibility is based on the identity management solution where user's email address is registered and confirmed as an user's identity (Eduuni ID). The login method can be chosen by the user. Trusted login methods are:

  • The organisation's own credentials, if the organisation is a Haka or Virtu or eduGAIN identity federation member or if the organisation is using Microsoft Office 365 (Azure AD) services
  • Google, Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Yahoo! credentials

If you are using Notio’s workspaces, take a look how to register and log in Eduuni: Workspaces in Eduuni


Last updated: 11.1.2017