New password practices

The new password practices come into force 1.3.2018. They apply to everybody which have a username of the university

The validity of the password of the university user account lengthens till one year. For thus far the password must have been changed every sixth month.

The minimum length of the password is 12 characters. Earlier the password had to be at least eight (8) characters long. The maximum length of the password is 32 characters.

The new practices do not require any immediate measures of you:

  • Your present password is valid until the following exchange of the password.
  • From the previous time, change your password within a year. You will get the reminder to your e-mail when the year is becoming full.
  • When next time you change the password, remember that it has to be at least 12 characters long!

Check here, what the password has to be like: What is a good password?

You can change the password with several different ways. Read more: Password

Last updated: 27.2.2018