Warning about phishing messages

IT Administration Services recommend both the staff and the students to be watchful with email links.

The phishing attempts in Office 365 e-mail have become common during this year. At the moment, the attempts are directed especially to the universities in Finland. It is possible that the University of Oulu also is a target.

With the faked links in the phishing message, the criminals try to get a receiver to give her/his user account and password. The phishing message can come from an external address or address of the university that has already been compromised.

The staff and students of the university are recommended to be watchful with the e-mail links. Do not click a link, but stop for a while to consider if the message is justified and is the link leading outside of the university services.

  • If you state the message as a phishing message, do not click a link but remove the message.
  • If you already have clicked the link which leads to the phishing page and have given your user account and password on the page, change your password immediately in this university's service: https://account.oulu.fi/passwd. Instruction for the password changing: http://www.oulu.fi/ict/password.
  • If you have not clicked the link in the phishing message, your account is not compromised. ¬†However, you can change your password using the link above when ever needed.
  • You can ask IT Helpdesk for advise.

- IT Admininstration Services

Last updated: 15.8.2018