Five laptop vendors in your use

Five vendors enable 156 laptops to be lent.

Locations of Vendors at the moment and their device numbers:

  • Linnamaa, Väylä, Tekniikanaula, 48 devices
  • Linnanmaa, Väylä, opposite of L5, 24 devices
  • Linnanmaa, Opintokatu, 24 devices
  • Kontinkangas, Aapistie 7A, loft, 12 devices
  • Kontinkangas, Aapistie 7A, basement, 48 devices

If the devices of the vendor are reserved, the next vendor to which it is worthwhile to move will be at the end of a short walk.

All the vendors are impartially available for all the students of the university and the registered card is valid on all the vendors. If however the registered card does not operate and the re-registration does not succeed, contact support:

During the autumn, a practice in which the teacher can reserve a certain number of devices from the vendor beforehand for the lesson time will be tested.

More information and guidelines: Laptop Vendors

Last updated: 2.10.2019