Printing services

Quick Instructions in size A3 are put in sight to the vicinity of the devices within the printing service. On it, you will find guidelines for printing and scanning and instructions about how to log in devices and how to register a rfid card or sticker in the service.

More detailed printing guidelines you will find here and videos here (log in using university's user account).

Canon's guides for all the models:


  • email: canon (at)
  • The service engineer is working at the university and gets the information about the ending of paper and the colour as well as about the functional disorders automatically. He will arrive as soon as possible there within the working hours at 8 - 16.
  • Every one can clarify the paper jams by following the instructions of the display
  • The service engineer can also be contacted if you need guidance or if you have something to ask

Printing guidelines

Log in print devices with your user account or with a rfid identifier which has been registered in the system. You can print using the workstations of the University or your own devices and send an attachment to the mobile print queue. Releasing the print or copy always decreases your printing quota, scanning is free of charge.

Printing quota and price list

Basic quota is 4 € and it is paid by the University. If needed, you can buy more in the web store. Price for one page: black-and-white 0,025 €, color 0,136 €.