Using University's user account researchers may use the same information systems than students and also facilities and devices as well as computing and programming servers maintained by ICT Services, and Canon's print service.

In the IT matters the researchers can turn to the ICT Services, there is a group which has specialised in IT services for researchers and offers its services to all the researchers and research groups of the university. Read more: IT services for researchers.

When a researcher is a staff member, are IT services for staff (introduction in Patio) available too.  There in Patio are pages especially for recearchers. See the instruction how do you reach Patio from outside the network of the university.

The Rules of IT Service Use bind and obligate all members of the university community, users of IT services and systems, and all units of the University.

Researchers could buy software from ICT Services and download software from software distribution using university's account. Some statistical software is available too.

Researchers also can utilise the wide selection of the scientific software and databases of CSC.

Researchers and researcher groups can use data storage of CSC's Ida service.

Read the front page of the ICT Services in order to see the current news.


Last updated: 4.2.2020