Staff, researcher and UFO account

User account of staff, researcher and external user (so-called UFO) and different forms of the account used in external services.

Staff, researcher and UFO account

A new staff member's user account will be created automatically on the base of information in human resource system of Certia. The account usually is ready to use on the first official working day. If a person does not have employment to the university, the unit can get a so-called UFO account to him. It is a licence to use the it services and is compared with the staff account. When the UFO account has been created, the person gets the information about it to the e-mail that has been informed in the UFO application.

  • If you have had a student account or a staff account of the University of Oulu earlier, you can use your former account.
  • If your account is new or you do not know or remember the account or the password for it, you can authenticate with a personal Finnish online banking into the self-service: Password. The service will show your valid user account, please write it down, and then set a password for your account. More information:  Self-services and authentication.
  • If you don't have a Finnish personal identity number and a personal Finnish online banking account, you can't use self-services. In this case, go to pick up your user account and password at IT Helpdesk. Prepare to prove your identity.


Your password will be valid for a year and at least then you have to change it. Read more: password and changing of it, what is a good password?

Forms of staff user account

  • When you log in University's self-study-workstations, staff workstations or information systems, type your account in a base mode: 8 characters in general, lower case
  • If the server name is asked in login screen, choose koivu
  • If the domain name is asked, choose univ
  • When you log in wireless network eduroam, type your staff account in form: account(at)
  • When you log in Canon's printing devices, type staff account in form: account(at)univ
  • When you log in the O365 Service, type your staff account in form: account(at)
  • In systems which use Shibboleth login, type your account in a base mode

IT Services and the rules

The Rules of IT Service Use bind and obligate all members of the university community, users of IT services and systems, and all units of the University. By activating or receiving the user account, you accept to observe the rules.

Read more about IT Services for staff in the intranet Patio (How to access Patio).

UFO account

If the person has no contract in the University, the right to use IT services (e.g. UNIV domain, print services, email) must be applied by her/his department. This so called UFO account is temporary and it is subject to a charge. The unit is responsible for the cost of account.

The UFO account has mainly the same user rights as the staff account, including printing service, O365 Service and ProPlus applications.

University of Oulu Graduate School can grant an UFO account for a doctoral researcher. In this case the account includes an email address in form, but not workstation maintenance and it support which are part of UNIV services. More information:

UFO user access application:

An e-form application could be filled in Novell Identity Manager portal by one who has got rights to do it (ask about your department's procedure). If an applicant does not have a Finnish personal identity number, the Human Resources Service has to be contacted and the application form has to be filled by the officer in this case.

One who already has got an UFO account, can fill in an e-form to request extended time for her/his UFO account. More information for the staff in Patio (How to access Patio).

UFO account is created only when the superior of the unit responsible for the costs has accepted the application.

Staff email and home directory

While having a user account of the university, every one can use Office 365 Education service, which includes among others email and calendar services. If the user account has been created before 1st August 2019, the service has to be activated by the user with a formular -> User actions. User accounts created on 1st August 2019 or later have automatically O365 services in use.

Email address of the staff and UFO users is in form  The mobile printing is possible only from email addresses with

Staff member's as well as UFO user's home directory is located on the university's server. It is a resource for saving files and creating personal web pages too. The O365 service makes the use of the One Drive for Business (1 TB) possible.

After the contract

When the contract in the University ends, the right to use University's information systems (including softwares and workstations) will end too. The email address will also be closed. Accounts are created and closed automatically by the system.

You should prepare yourself for the account termination by doing following things:

  • prepare to notify your new personal email address to partners in cooperation
  • backup important files and remove those you don't need from the university server
  • backup your important files and remove your personal files from OneDrive
  • save your important email messages (you can send them to new address if needed)
  • remove software licensed by the university from your own devices.

Read more: password, what is a good password, student account, home directory, how to access Patio, rules of use


Last updated: 27.1.2021