Secured mail

The secured e-mail should be used whenever confidential or delicate information is sent by e-mail from the university to outside or from outside to the university. In the e-mail traffic inside the university no encryption is needed.

Secured mail inside the university

In the internal O365 e-mail traffic of the university separate protection is not needed when the message goes between and/or addresses.

Sending from the university

  • Both the staff and the students can send secured mail from their or addresses by adding the ".s" to the end of receiver's email address. The protection level can be chosen to be letter or registered letter.

Receiving from the university

Sending to the university

  • The external quarters can send to any of the university's email address the confidential message after the sender has registered his/her e-mail address. The sending takes place on server. The message will come to the receiver's O365 e-mail.


    Last updated: 26.3.2019