IBM SPSS Statistics

SPSS is a predictive analytics software.

More information about the software: pages of the manufacturerIBM Support

You can use SPSS on the universtity desktops without a license, free of charge. Read more: Remote desktops

You may install SPSS on your computer and buy a license code from the university's webstore. The price is 25 € for a student. In case the license was bought in webstore, it will be valid as long as you are studying.

Do this:

  1. Buy a license code in the university's webstore 
  2. See your licence code in the webstore: asiakastili (account) > ostohistoria (history) > näytä tilaus (show the order)
  3. Load the application from software distribution ( using university's user account, detailed installation instructions are found there too

Read more: helpdesk, statistical advice, software for privat use, software distribution, webstores, remote desktops


Last updated: 22.4.2020