Remote use

The VPN remote connection makes the use of the ICT services and resources possible from outside the university network. The remote services can be for example different remote desktops through which you can use licensed programmes and network drives of the university. To use these services remotely, first install a VPN client and then a remote desktop (RDP) connection.

Install these into your computer:
First create a VPN profile and then install OpenVPN client. With those, you can connect the university network. If you need your network drives or the programs of the university, install a remote desktop connection too.

Remote desktops

VPN portal and the authentication methods
The alternative to the VPN clients is a VPN portal for use of which you need only the WWW browser. Depending on the purpose of use, you can login in the portal on either your user account (light authentication) or the user account with a certificate (strong authentication).

VPN Portal