Computers for student use

The self-study workstations and laptop vendors on both campuses are in your use according to the office hours of the facilities.

Login: You need University's user account to log in workstations.

  • On VDI workstation terminals students choose the domain "Student" and staff members choose "Univ".
  • On workstations the Student has been set as a default domain, so as a staff member you need to write your user account in form univ\account.

If you have problems to log in you should change your password, usually it helps. Read more: password, what is good password?

Printing: All the workstations and workstation terminals are within Canon's print service, so prints are easy to release at any Canon device using own user account or a card which has been registered into the service. Read more: printing services, printing guidelines, printing quota, printers 

Other facilities equipped with computers: Some faculties may have premises for students' use in addition to the premises that have been listed on this page. In addition, also workstations in some computer classrooms are at students' disposal when the classroom is not reserved for teaching use. Read more about classrooms: computer classrooms

Laptop vendors

  • L1PC: Tekniikanaula lobby, 48 laptops and docking stations
  • L2PC: Väylä, opposite of L5, 24 laptops with cord connection 
  • L3PC: Opintokatu, KTK, 24 laptops with cord connection 
  • K1PC: PSOAS lobby, 12 laptops and docking stations 
  • K2PC: Kontinkangas, 7A basement, 48 laptops with cord connection (access for teachers possible)
  • software
  • use wireless networks
  • only for students, read more

Pegasus / studying area (2nd floor, Linnanmaa)

Pegasus / studying area (3rd floor, Linnanmaa)

TellUs / studying area (1st floor, Linnanmaa)

  • 18 Windows 10 workstation terminals, software
  • two printers + one device for copying and scanning
  • open according to the opening hours of Tellus Arena

Medical Library (2nd floor, Kontinkangas)

Lobbies (1st floor, Aapistie 5-7, Kontinkangas)

  • 3 Windows 10 workstation terminals, software
  • printers

Loft (Aapistie 7A, 2nd floor, Kontinkangas)

  • 1 Windows 10 workstation terminal, software
  • printer

Read more: software on workstations and workstation terminals (in Finnish), contact information of the maintenance, maps


Last updated: 25.8.2021