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How to join Zoom meeting

Zoom is a versatile tool for online meetings, remote teaching and instruction ad video calls. You can use Zoom with an application on computer, tablet or phone or via an internet browser. 

This page concerns Zoom of University of Oulu. Both students and staff have licence to use it. 

Guides and videos

Before the meeting

Make these preparations beforehand so that your equipment and software will be ready to use immediately when the meeting will begin:

  • Application into computer: If you want to install an application Zoom Client for Meetings, download and install ZoomInstaller.exe  from the page
  • Application into mobile device: If you use a mobile device, find and install free Zoom Cloud Meetings in your application store.
  • Plug-in for the browser: If you can't or don't want to install the application, use a web browser instead. When you join a meeting the first time, install a plug-in Zoom_launcher.exe.
  • Test beforehand: Test your internet connection and the functionality of the Zoom application, a microphone, a sound system and a camera in a test meeting
    • Use Mute/Unmute to open and close the microphone.
    • Use Start Video/Stop Video to open and close the camera.
    • You can choose a picture and audio source from the settings of a camera and microphone. If possible, use a headset with a microphone in the meetings.
    • Watch the video: Joining & Configuring Audio & Video

    Meeting Invitation

    • The host may have sent an invitation by email. If you have accepted it, you find the meeting link in your Outlook calendar. In case you have declined it, it could still be found in Outlook trash.
    • The host may also have shared in some common team or channel the meeting link, meeting ID and the possible meeting password.

    Sign in Zoom

    Choose SSO as your sign in method

    • Sign in the Zoom meetings always using your university's user account.
    • Click first Sign in. If there are several sign-in methods available, choose Sign in with SSO (see the picture). By using SSO (single sign-on) you make sure that you join the meeting with university's user account and so are one member in possible breakroom groups and in the participants list. 
    • Make sure that Company Domain =
    • Type your user account in the short form in the university's sign-in window.

    Join the meeting

    • Through the university's Zoom page: Open the page and sign in using the short form of your university's user account. Then click Join a meeting and paste to the field Meeting ID or Personal Link Name  one of the credentials you got in the invitation; Meeting ID or Personal Link Name.
    • Using a meeting link: Join the meeting by clicking the link in your invitation. The link opens the meeting in Zoom application if it is installed in your device. In other case, the meeting opens in the browser using a plug-in. When using Zoom application, remember to choose the sign-in method Sign In with SSO.
    • Starting a meeting: Usually the host starts the meeting and others can join after that.
    • Meeting password or waiting room: The host has decided if the participants join the meeting with a password (PWD) or through a virtual waiting room.
    • Camera and microphone: Just before joining the meeting, you can test the functionality of a camera and microphone and secure if they are on or off when joining. The host has been able to define these settings ready. If there is a red cross line over the button in question, the function is off. 

    During the meeting

    • Camera and microphone: When needed, you can open and close the microphone or camera if the host didn't prevent it.
    • Share: One presenter at a time can share either the whole screen or one window to be seen by others. The sharing is started and sopped by the button Share Screen/Stop Share
    • Participants: You see the list of others who have joined the meeting. If you have been signed in Zoom in another way than Sign In with SSO (single sign-on), your complete name is not perhaps seen in the list. You can change your display name by choosing Rename by it.
    • Chat: You can use Chat tool to write to all other participants or privately to someone by choosing the recipient in options of To field. 
    • Hand: You can ask for the floor by "rising a hand". Use the Hand button to rise or lay down the hand.
    • Breakrooms: The host can create virtual breakrooms and sort the participants in the rooms or let them choose the room. The host may have sorted the participants in forehand based on the university's user accounts. If you have been signed in Zoom in another way than Sign In with SSO (single sign-on), you may stay out of the rooms. 
    • Record: The host can record the meeting. The Record button will be red if the recording is on.

    End of the meeting

    • Leave: Leave the meeting by the button Leave Meeting.
    • Ending the meeting: Usually the host ends the meeting and processes the possible recorded file.

    Last updated: 7.12.2020