Innovation in Sourcing Competencies - INSCO

Insco is a TEKES funded project run during 2011 and 2012. This project aims to provide new knowledge about how to increase capabilities for successful collaboration in global business. Special interest is on different aspects of supply chain innovation:

  • Collaborative practices with suppliers in early life cycle phases
  • Management of innovation focused sourcing relationships
  • Use of demos, prototypes and pilots
  • Practices for indirect sourcing
  • Approaches with developer communities, living labs and practices for early customer involvement
  • Approaches for crowdsourcing

In these areas the project aims to consolidate of world class practices and to develop new sourcing practices. Work packages are conducted in close collaboration with the participating companies and international research partners.



Further information about the project

The responsible leader of the project:

Professor Harri Haapasalo, phone: 08-553 2931, 040-518 2275, e-mail: harri.haapasalo(at)

Project researchers:

Dr. (Tech) Mirja Väänänen, phone: 0294 482933, e-mail: mirja.vaananen(at)

PhD Anyanitha Distanont, phone: 0294 487810, e-mail: anyanitha.distanont(at)


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  • Distanont A, Haapasalo H, Vaananen M & Lehto J: The engagement between knowledge transfer and requirements engineering. International Journal of Management, Knowledge and Learning, accepted.
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Conference papers:

Distanont A, Haapasalo H, Vaananen M & Lehto J: Managing knowledge transfer in RE process over the organizational interface. TIIM 2012 – Technology Innovation and Industrial Management conference, 22-25 May 2012, Lublin, Poland.

Last updated: 9.8.2012