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Research projects

This page contains information on selected research projects by Industrial Engineering and Management.



The ILA-LEAN project aims at developing didactic materials to
improve knowledge concerning the implementation of Lean
Thinking in the workplace. Most companies are aware of Lean
Thinking, but it is generally usually only in practice in the
production area. Many companies, however, have realised
that there is much waste in other areas of the company
such as in offices, therefore the knowledge and identification
and thus elimination of waste would also be beneficial
in these areas.

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For companies operating in global business environments, there are
constant customer development requests which require fast
operational level decisions. New approaches for responding to
customer demands through more efficient team managing practices
are required. The RaDe II project is investigating new methods
managing communication and utilizing self-managed teams in
fast-paced development by asking; how to use the concept of
self-managing teams to enhance rapid product development
throughout the entire value chain?

The rapid development (RaDe) concept is a development framework
which complements organization’s existing new product development
(NPD) processes.  It covers the whole value chain and business network
by enabling organizations to respond to unexpected customer requests
in a more lightweight manner compared to typical NPD processes.

As a results, companies will have an additional framework to be utilized
for different types of development needs. The project will also result in
a “Rapid Development Handbook” to enable efficient knowledge
transfer to the industrial sector.

EUE - Phase 2


Energizing Urban Ecosystems EUE - Phase 2. The project seeks for new business models for urban development. The goal of the EUE research program is to “Building solid foundations for the comprehensive understanding of the planning, design and management of the future urban areas and ecosystems, and turning this accumulating intellectual capital and know-how into successful, global business processes”.



The multi-disciplinary APD (Value Co-Creation in Agile Project Deliveries) project combines research disciplines of project management within industrial engineering and management, law, communication studies and agent-based social simulation and modelling.  The aim of the APD research project is to model and develop effective 1) flexible contracting, 2) organising and procurement and 3) communication processes for value co-creation in multi-stakeholder projects within IT, construction, and social and healthcare industries and to cross-fertilise best flexible project development practices between these sectors.



Business Models For Enhancing Funding And Enabling Financing For Infrastructure In Transport.



BECSI (Business ecosystems and platforms for innovations) project analyses Finnish innovation system from three perspectives: Smart cities as local innovation platforms, micro-level business ecosystems, and Health and Life Science ecosystems.



BBE -project [Energizing Urban Ecosystems (EUE)] focuses on analysing new business models for urban development.



The InnoCity project addresses the requirements of cities and communities and aims to combine attractive designs with flexibility of integration and short construction times.



Active Product Portfolio Management (APPM) project analyses processes, tools, management models, and key performance indicators relevant to active management of product portfolios.



LCIFIN 2 project concentrates on developing and applying lean thinking and lean management principles in the Finnish construction industry.



RaDe (Rapid Development) project aims at clarifying the role of virtual collaboration competencies in global product development.



The main objective of KLIKK project is to develop an efficient and user-friendly renovation concept for repairing and expanding suburban apartment buildings.



The objective of Innoprenership 21 -project is to expand and further develop the cross-border cooperation in entrepreneurship education in Northern Scandinavia



Project Business and Services (PBS) project aims to develop a framework for project-based firms to successfully develop and provide projects and services as components of their offerings, and business models.

HSEQ Assessment Procedure


The purpose of HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment, Quality) Assessment Procedure project is to analyse and enhance communication within the HSEQ cluster.



The focus of Large Project Governance (LPG) is to develop the management of large projects as networks of different business actors, by addressing the governance mechanisms of multiple-firm networks that form the large projects.


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