University of Oulu, 2016

Research Development

Industrial Engineering and Management is determined to develop its research and to publish results on different forums, including journals, good quality conferences, and business periodicals. We continuously work to improve our level, and pay special attention on the quality, volume, and the impact of our publications.

IEM has organised a Research Development Committee to develop its research activities. This is and example pf innovative approach at IEM as there are no universal instructions on research development at research group level. The purpose of the commitee is to:

  • focus on developing research activities as a part of the research quality system
  • integrate operations, management and strategic planning of research,
  • coordinate, develop and supervise research,
  • act as a continuous development forum for research; a channel for analysing feedback and initiatives, promoting two-way communication,
  • provide information on research status
  • support decision making

Last updated: 12.6.2017