Frictionless communication certification training in Oulu

IEM’s wellbeing and productivity research team has arranged “Frictionless communication” certification trainings together with the clinic of Educational Psychology, and Ahaa Vision Oy. The certification training has taken place during March 23rd and April 6th. The two day training supports the development of professional interaction and communication at the levels of individual, work community, and organisation. The frictionless communication has been formulated into a modular service product as a result of a productisation project financed by the Finnish Work Environment Fund. Frictionless communication (KIKO) process has been used as the basis for now productised service product. Funtional interaction at work places has been found to have a clear link to well-being at work and commitment to work, as well as the functionality and productivity of organisations. The created service product has the nature of a process, and is multi-levelled, enabling tailoring to various customer needs. IEM’s wellbeing and productivity research team is now working on the 4th project around the topical area since the original multi-dicilpinary project idea about five years ago. To date a total of ten companies have been involved in developing and trialling frictionless communication.

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Last updated: 2.5.2017