PLMD2 (PLM - Dynamic and Digital Product Structure) Project

PLMD2 is TEKES funded project. The project has been started on 1.3.2009 and ended in 31.3.2011.

This project aims to create new knowledge about the product data management and solutions for PLM (product lifecycle management) in global enterprise environment on product data context. The key goal of the PLMD2 project is to define elements of dynamic, digital product structure utilised through product’s lifecycle.

Research is divided into two main subparts. Product structure is seen to be key composition of company's product process and thus should be understood similarly over organisation. Dynamic product structure part is focusing on recognising essential product structure elements to fulfil current business demands (solution business, multisite environment, complex products etc.). The other part of research is focusing on product data digitalisation - what kind of procedures and systems ensure data quality. Key aspects are information systems, actors who handle product data, and roles and responsibilites for data handling (data ownership).



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Topical issues

News 1/2011 in Digital Product Process -program presents some acquired results of PLMD2 project so far. (Text only in Finnish.)



Further information about the project

The responsible leader of the project

Professor Harri Haapasalo

phone: 08-553 2931, 040-518 2275

e-mail: harri.haapasalo (at)


Project researcher

M.Sc. (Eng.) Hanna Kropsu-Vehkaperä

phone: 08-553 2992, 044-5445835

e-mail: hanna.kropsu-vehkapera (at)



Project belongs to the TEKES Digital Product Process -program


Last updated: 27.9.2012