"Product data challenges in rapid productization" -project

RapidPRO is TEKES funded project. The project has been started on 1.3.2011 and will last until end of 2011. The project is continuation of former PLMD2 project.

This project aims to create new knowledge about product data challenges in rapid productization context. The key goal of the project is to define the preconditions for rapid productization in case of different types of item (SW, HW, service) and to define the minimum data required to be able to rapidly bundle a new solution at the point of sales.

In a modern solution business quick decisions are often required at the point of sales. There is a need to productize new product items to counter customer requests. The new item has to create fitting for the current product portfolio. To enable sustainable product item management in terms of data management, rapidly productized items should be managed as new variations and not totally new product code to rationalize the PDM. Project research is focused to 1) Describe cornerstones of rapid productization in point of sales and the role of product data in productization; 2) Define product structure that could support rapid productization and sustainable product data management; and 3) Create a tool to support evaluation and decision-making of rapid productization. Rapid productization offers an answer to support controlled productization at the point of sales.


Topical issues

Tuottavuutta tuotehallinnalla. Digital Product Process -program presents some acquired results in Edelläkävijä publication. (Text only in Finnish.)



Further information about the project

The responsible leader of the project

Professor Harri Haapasalo

phone: 08-553 2931, 040-518 2275

e-mail: harri.haapasalo (at) oulu.fi


Project researchers

M.Sc., eMBA Kai Hänninen

phone: 040 5747 951

e-mail: kai.hanninen (at) oulu.fi


M.Sc. (Eng.) Tuomo Kinnunen

phone: 08-553 7807, 040 568 4507

e-mail: tuomo.kinnunen (at) oulu.fi



Project belongs to the TEKES Digital Product Process -program




Published conference papers

Hänninen, K., Kinnunen, T., Haapasalo, H., Saarela, M, and Muhos, M. (2012) “Rapid Productisation in Welfare Service SME”, Competences, Synergy and International Competitiveness Influence on the Technology Innovation and Industrial Management, TIIM – Technology Innovation and Industrial Management 2012 Conference 22-25 May, 2012, Lublin, Poland, pp. 44-56.

Last updated: 27.9.2012