Introducing Product Data Ownership Network

Current product business processes lay heavily on information systems in global
business context. Efficient product data sharing through product lifecycle has turned to be necessity to survive in competition. Product data is requested in several intra and extra-organizational units (product development, sales, production and logistics, and maintenance) during product’s lifecycle and product related data is applied in several applications and tools for diverse purpose creating the challenge to manage the data and to ensure its quality, timeliness, and availability. Product data ownership network (PDON) is introduced as a rational data management model to improve overall efficiency and quality of product data management within all relevant parties.

PDON is founded on the principles of product data management, data governance, and data quality focusing on recognising the diverse players, hierarchies, and activities required to manage product data through product’s lifecycle. Defining and assigning product data ownerships and its related practices and processes, enterprises can enhance their product data quality. PDON is created to ensure single version of the truth – product data – through the enterprise. It is composed of governance (guidelines and principles), product data (content), diverse roles (key role is product data owner) and responsibilities (assigned per role in all relevant business functions).

The empirical research completes the PDON model and gives practical insight
about the roles, responsibilities, and practices related to product data ownership in 5 enterprises and also include 4 specialists viewpoint to the concept of PDON as well as summarising the benefits and challenges of PDON and its implementation.

The guidebook of PDON is presented and it works as a starting point of product
data management and quality development practices. The guidebook compiles all the essential parts and elements of the PDON. The results emphasized enterprise-wide definitions, policies and guidelines, product data management activities, product data owners, roles and responsibilities, and enterprise’s business functions to be the key elements and enablers of PDON. PDON is build around product data owners, who in the end have the responsibility of the product data. But product data owners also need the supporting


Key words: Product data, data ownership, ownership network, product data management

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