Project business and services (PBS)

The global environment of project business is going through some major changes. Firms operate in a complex networked business environment with partners across the world. Project as the form of organizing large solutions is increasing, but at the same time new business models emerge that suggest considerable changes to project-based firms’ and their customers’ business approaches. In order to succeed in the new environment, project-based firms are moving downwards in the value stream by offering strategic and operational services that are linked to the core project and technology. Today’s project supplier firms increasingly take responsibility and business risks of activities that previously have been under their customers’ responsibility. Emerging new business models for global and networked business environments require new capabilities from all players. Many project-based firms have achieved progress in delivering projects and services in the global networked environment with new ways of creating value. But, we do not yet have enough knowledge to answer to the following questions: What kind of business models exist with project supplier firms? In such business models, what is the role of projects and services, and their interplay? How do such business models emerge? Which contextual factors affect the choice of a specific business model and its performance?


Main research output

Project Business and Services (PBS) is a research project that will develop a framework showing how project-based firms can successfully develop and provide projects and services as components of their offerings and business models. The framework includes considerations of contextual factors characterizing the business environment that introduce different requirements for the business model. Working in collaboration with a number of international firms, PBS will identify emerging sustainable principles for creating value by business models with embedded project and service offerings in project-based firms.


Research aims and questions

The Project Business and Services (PBS) research aims to understand emerging business models for global project-based firms operating in networked environments. To achieve this overall aim, the research addresses the following questions:

  • What are the new emerging business models for project-based firms?
  • How are services integrated to project-based business?
  • What factors affect the performance of various business models?


Participating firms:

Project is implemented as part of FIMECC Innovation and Network research program:


University collaborators:

Aalto University & Åbo Akademi


Time of project:

01/2009 – 06/2014

Last updated: 5.11.2013