Company collaboration

Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM), functions under the Faculty of Technology in the University of Oulu. IEM graduates enter the job market as experts of technology and different functions of industrial organisations. IEM has intensive co-operation with companies on education and research.


Practical approach to education - intensive company co-operation

During the courses students have close contacts to local companies via practical assignments. IEM also organises extensive courses and theses which are often made in co-operation with local companies and frequently from their initiative.

IEM utilises practical industrial problems as a part of study methods: students benefit from learning at the university and get contacted to real life problem solving situations. Our students consider practical problems interesting part of their studies.

If you feel that your organisation could benefit from this kind of problem solving and you would like to make co-operation with IEM and University of Oulu, please do not hesitate to contact us. Let's think together what the most suitable mode of collaboration would be. We are interested in both small and large practical challenges. The ways of co-operation may vary depending on the size and nature of the problem:


Master’s thesis

Master theses typically last 6-8 months and are done in industry. The student normally gets compensation from the work done. The studebt gets in-depth acquaintance with one subfield of industrial engineering and management.

Candidate's thesis

A candidate's thesis can for example be a literature study on a given subject, small-scale empirical study or modelling. Typical work-load for the student is 1-1.5 months. Work can be done also as part of summer job etc.

Special project/research work

Work is normally carried out in 120 hours (5 credits), but can also be made  larger or performed in a group.  The aim is to make this work during later phases of studies to combine issues that student have been learnt earlier. Works can vary in subject and nature. Typically the student is solving a practical business problem.

Practical course work

In connection to some courses, IEM utilises practical course works that need to have a close connection to the subject covered by the course.

Research co-operation

Examples of ongoing research activities can be found on our research page or directly from the professors.

Last updated: 22.2.2017