Keynote Speakers

Katri Saarikivi is a cognitive neuroscientist leading  the HUMEX Project at the Cognitive Brain Research Unit of the Faculty of Medicine at Helsinki University. The project examines neural mechanisms involved in empathy and fruitful interaction and, in particular, how these mechanisms could be better harnessed in online communication. The research is driven by the question of what would the best complementarity of artificial and human intelligence be, how computers could better understand human emotions and how people could best interact via computers. 

Dr. Kongkiti Phusavat is a Professor at Department of Industrial Engineering, Kasetsart University in Bangkok, Thailand and also a Visiting Professor at Department of Industrial Engineering and Management at Oulu University, Finland.  His research and work interests include productivity and performance measurement, quality improvement, management process, acquisition logistics, design process and systems engineering, pedagogical development for engineering education, and networked government.  Dr. Phusavat is the author of the book with the title of “Productivity Management in an Organization: Measurement and Analysis” and he  has published over 100 referred journal articles over the past fifteen years. 

Dr. Phusavat is currently the Editor in Chief of International Journal of Innovation and Learning.  He also serves several leading international journals and publishers as Senior Advisor, Associate Editor, Editor, Editorial Board Member, and Reviewer.   


Last updated: 15.10.2018