Research Community INSPIRES (INStitutions and PractIces of new liteRaciES)

Traditionally literacy research has been conducted in isolation within disciplines such as psycholinguistics, education, and psychology. Moreover, literacies have been investigated as instrumental skills of individuals rather than as practices in a social context, taking into account both historical continuities and discontinuities in cultural forms of life.

INSPIRES aims at generating interdisciplinary knowledge about new literacies through an integrative approach to Information and Communication Studies, Educational Sciences, and Computer Science. Interdisciplinary research on new literacies is demanded to get a grasp of this complex, multidimensional phenomenon, including both new literacy practices and new ways of understanding the concept of literacies.

The purpose of INSPIRES is to introduce new theoretical knowledge, novel methodologies and elaborated methods by examining the literacy practices of institutions of media, schools, homes, the memory functions of society (libraries, archives, museums) and health care, and in the everyday lives of citizens.

INSPIRES examines new literacies by combining the viewpoints of four research groups (RGs). Research from each perspective has contributed to our current understanding of literacies.

Health Information Mastering (HIM-Oulu&Åbo) focuses on investigating individuals´ information literacy and practices in different contexts, health in particular. 

Senior Scholars

Huotari Maija-Leena, PhD, professor, Principal Investigator

Enwald Heidi, PhD

Ek Stefan, PhD

Eriksson-Backa Kristina, PhD

Hirvonen Noora, PhD

Huvila Isto, PhD, professor

Känsäkoski Helena, PhD

Niemelä Raimo, PhD

Doctoral Students

Karjalainen Riitta-Liisa, MEd

Huhta Anna-Maija, MA

Pohjanen Aira, MA


Interactive Spaces (iSpaces) designs interactive, context-aware systems serving people in their everyday environments and in learning literacy.

Senior Scholar

Riekki Jukka, PhD, Principal Investigator

Doctoral Student

Oja Mika, MSc

Research Assistants

Cortes Marta

Mikko Pyykkönen

Literacies and Empowered Communities (LECO) investigates changes in the public sphere related to media.

Senior Scholars

Karvonen Erkki, Professor, Principal Investigator

Kortelainen Terttu, PhD

Suominen Vesa, PhD

Post doc –researchers

Kurttila-Matero Eeva, PhD

Suorsa Anna, PhD

Doctoral Students

Harju Aki, MA

Innanen Kaisu, MA

Rytinki Markus, MA

New Literacies and Future School (NeLiFu) are interested in investigating literacy pedagogy and practices in the school setting. (Faculty of Education)

Senior Scholars

Korkeamäki Riitta-Liisa, PhD, Principal Investigator

Suvilehto Pirjo, PhD

Post doc –researchers

Palmgren-Neuvonen Laura, PhD

Doctoral Students

Hytönen Marja, M.Ed.

Jokinen Päivi, M.Ed.

Nikula Sirpa-Liisa, M.Ed.

Nygård Tuula, M.Ed.

Rousu Katja, M.Ed.

Tiainen Outi, M.Ed.

Tikkinen Siinamari, M.Ed.

Ukkola Annette, M.Ed.

A Research Community (RC) integrating these perspectives is a response to the demand for interdisciplinary research to study this complex and multidimensional phenomenon. INSPIRES enables holistic investigation more effectively than within isolated studies. Verified theoretical findings contribute to internationally significant research which can be widely implemented to enhance new institutional practices. From 2014 to 2018, the RC will conduct interdisciplinary theoretical and empirical studies, develop new technologies, produce joint publications to be published in high-quality peer-reviewed international and domestic scientific forums, present results at international and national conferences and popularize them. INSPIRES provides doctoral and research-based education for degree students at the University of Oulu and also for in-service education to enhance multi-professionalism. This responds to changing structures of contemporary and future society, including the labor markets.

Selected publications

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