Study guidance

Information Studies 2014 - 2015

Study guidance is provided by Vesa Suominen, the University Lecturer of Information Studies, during office hours which are announced each term (HU119; tel. +358 29 448 3356).

Major subject students design a personal study plan (HOPS), and receive guidance in formulating the plan in the autumn term of the first year of studies. Students are divided into 2–3 groups, each of which meets during the autumn and spring terms.

Guidance and counselling is also provided by representatives from the Index Information Studies student association.

General study guidance is provided by the Chief Academic Officer of the Faculty. Information regarding subsidiary (minor) subject studies is provided by the person responsible for study guidance of the subject in question.

Specific information related to courses and teaching is made available online in WebOodi, via mailing lists and Optima, as well as during courses. Active participation is required in contact teaching.


Admission requirements and commencement of studies

The right to study Information Studies as major subject can be obtained by passing an entrance examination, held every spring. Subsidiary (minor) subject students are also accepted based on an entrance examination.


Last updated: 5.7.2016