Covert Communication

Professor Hamid Sharif
Lecturer's institute: 
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA
6.6.2013 12:15


Infotech Oulu Lecture Series

Covert Communication

Lecturer: Professor Hamid Sharif, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA

Date: June 6, 2013
Time: 12:15-13:00
Room: TS128


As information security becomes one of the most dominant elements in our communication systems, new approaches are investigated to secretly communicate over public and private networks. This has intensified the research in computer security including “Covert Communications and Steganography”.  A covert channel attack creates a capability to transfer information objects between processes that are not supposed to be allowed to communicate by the computer security systems.

In this lecture, prof. Sharif will discuss the research trends in Steganography and Covert Communications and will analyze covert channel approaches, models, and techniques to detect or disrupt covert communications. The lecture will include approaches in hiding information in multimedia as well as the two main fields of protocol-based and the timing covert channels.

Additionally, prof. Sharif will outline his own research in this area and will discuss analytical models for timing covert channels to exploit the statistical properties of network traffic for prevention or possible detection of covert timing channels.


Prof. Hamid  Sharif holds the chair of Charles Vranek Distinguished Professor, Department of Computer and Electronics Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  He is also the Director of Advanced Telecommunications Engineering Laboratory (TEL) at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Dr. Sharif is the Chair of the Graduate Committee in the Department of Computer and Electronics Engineering at UNL. He received his BSEE from University of Iowa, MSEE from University of Missouri and PhD in EE from University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He has over 25 years of academic and industrial experience and his research interest include wireless communication protocols, security in areas of wireless communications, security in multimedia transmissions, wireless sensor networks, and system modeling and performance evaluations. Currently prof. Sharif is working as a visiting professor at VTT Industrial M2M Systems, Oulu for a half year period, from January 2013 to June 2013.

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