Perspectives to the Research on Blockchain

Najmul Islam
Lecturer's institute: 
Tampere University
24.2.2020 08:00 to 25.2.2020 15:00

Time and place:

24.2 Tellus Stage at 8am-16pm (lunch break at 12am)

25.2 TS133 at 8am-12am and TS127 at 13am-15pm (lunch break at 12am)


Blockchain is a distributed-ledger technology that is poised to have substantial societal impact. It can revolutionize and disrupt the way businesses are conducted today. Especially, it is a threat to the intermediary based businesses as it promises to establish trust in peer-to-peer transactions and remove the intermediaries. Therefore, it has become an interesting area of research from socio-technical perspective.

This two days intensive course will teach students about blockchain, its possible use cases and applications in different contexts. The course will also cover the current trends in blockchain research, especially from socio-technical perspective. The overall objective is to help the students better understand the current blockchain research landscape and how they might dive into this emerging research area. The course also includes exercises for the participants to work in a small group at the classroom, and a brief written assignment after the course (for those who target to receive 2 ECTS). The themes of the lectures are as follows.

Lecture 1: Introduction to Blockchain

Lecture 2, 3: Understanding use cases (e.g. cryptocurrencies) and implications of Blockchain

Lecture 4: Current trends in Blockchain research

Lecture 5, 6: Research opportunities in Blockchain

Learning outcome

This course will help the students:

  • Understand basics of blockchain and its use cases.

  • Get an overall picture on the research advances on Blockchain.

  • Get an overview of future research opportunities.

  • Participate in research discussions with peers.


More information: OASIS, Iikka Paajala


Last updated: 27.1.2020