Modelling, engineering and nanotechnology of perovskite materials used for smart functional devices

Prof. Ilya Grinberg, Bar-Ilan University, Israel; Prof. Chris Bowen, University of Bath, UK; Prof. Jan Seidel, New South Wales University, Australia
22.9.2020 10:15 to 6.10.2020 12:00

Extent: 2ECTS

More information: Assistant Prof. Yang Bai


Assesment: In order to be able to claim the credits, a student needs to write and submit a 1-2 A4 page course reflection within 2 weeks after the course is completed.



Perovskite materials are extensively used in research and industry for e.g. next-generation solar cells, photocatalysts, thermal/mechanical sensors and memories. In this course, the students will be given the opportunity to understand the entire chain of perovskite research, including theoretical models, design and fabrication of different forms of perovskites (ceramics, composites, films), and their advanced applications. Contents of the lectures are included in the attachment of the programme. After this course, the students will obtain a comprehensive understanding of where, when and how to use perovskites if needed in their research from fundamental physical and chemical topics to practical electronics.



September 2020


Monday 21

Tuesday 22

Wednesday 23

Thursday 24

Friday 25



Lecture 1: Theories and modelling methodology of perovskite materials

Teacher: Prof. Ilya Grinberg (remote teaching)

Exercise: Material modelling practices (canceled)

Teacher: Prof. Ilya Grinberg (remote teaching)




Monday 28

Tuesday 29

Wednesday 30




Lecture 2: Functional ceramics and composites based on perovskites

Teacher: Prof. Chris Bowen (remote teaching)


Lecture 3: Sensing, energy harvesting and water splitting using perovskite materials

Teacher: Prof. Chris Bowen (remote teaching)




October 2020


Monday 5

Tuesday 6

Wednesday 7

Thursday 8

Friday 9



Lecture 4: Ferroelectric domain walls of perovskite thin-films for applications in nano-devices

Teacher: Prof. Jan Seidel (remote teaching)





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