University of Oulu, 2019

Personalised Learning Technologies

Prof. Marcus Specht
Lecturer's institute: 
Delft University of Technology
9.11.2021 09:00 to 11.11.2021 12:00

Information about the lecturer: Marcus Specht


Registration: Registration to Prof. Guoying Zhao ( by Nov. 4

Schedule of the course:

-   Nov. 9, 9-11 (Location: LeaF), Lecture 1: Personalised and adaptive information systems (individual assignment 1)

-   Nov. 9, 13-15 (Location: LeaF), Lecture 2: Human learning and educational technology (individual assignment 2)

-   Nov. 10, 9-11 (Location: LeaF), Lecture 3: User tracking and learning analytics (individual assignment 3)

-   Nov. 10, 13-15 (Location: LeaF), Lecture 4: Feedback design and behavior change systems (individual assignment 4)

-   Nov. 11, 9-12 (Location: TS335): Group presentations of 15-20 min each.


Learning objectives and contents

The course will introduce basic design patterns for building personalised software and learning support system by introducing principles of adaptive learning and assessment, statistical and computational approaches for user modelling and user data analysis as also design of feedback for different target groups.

- The students are know the principles of adaptive educational systems

- The student know the basic principles of human learning

- The student know different approaches for user modelling and tracking user activity

- The student are able to integrate different information sources for learner behaviour from online tracking to sensor-based data in learning dashboards and learning analytics

- The student know about different forms of feedback for learners and their effects in learning support


Assessment (Grade 0-5):

The assessment is based on the individual assignments (50%) and group project and presentation (50%).


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