Seventh International Crisis Management Workshop (CrIM'13)

Monday, November 25, 2013 to Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Infotech Oulu Doctoral Program

Seventh International Crisis Management Workshop (CrIM'13) and Oulu Winter School

Seventh International Crisis Management Workshop (CrIM'13) and Oulu Winter School to be held at the University of Oulu (Finland) from November 25th to November 26th 2013


Trends in cyber security after Snowden: Is cyber security still relevant?

Recent leaks of governmental monitoring practices in cyberspace have left anybody, citizens and security professionals/researchers, questioning current computing trends – particularly its security mechanisms.

Citizens are concerned about their digital lifestyle, with personal data stored in the ever growing ecosystem of cloud and mobile services and are starting to weight the obvious advantages of ubiquity and accessibility against the threat of constant surveillance. Governments, on the other hand, are worried about terrorists and whistle-blowers and that despite an unproportional effort for securing computer networks, confidential documents keep leaking to the public.

Organisation and format of the workshop

At CrIM'13, we are proud to present lectures covering a broad variety of topics related to the theme of the workshop. The workshop is organized as a two day lecture series on November 25th and November 26th 2013. Students, as well as the interested public, are invited to attend these lectures. Please register to the workshop via e-mail to – Subject: “CrIM registration”.

Students can receive study credits by taking an examination after the workshop. Registration for the examination is required before the workshop to – Subject: “CrIM exam registration”.

Location and additional information

The workshop takes place at the University of Oulu, campus Linnanmaa in lecture room L10 (close to campus entrance R). A campus map as well as additional information can be found at the webpage of the workshop:



Monday, November 25th 2013:

08:30-09:00: Juha Röning - Opening session

09:00-10:15: Soktrates Katsikas - Cybersecurity: Emerging threats, new challenges

10:15-10:45: Coffee break

10:45-12:00: Greg Soukiassian - Are your data safe and operations resilient in the clouds?

12:00-13:00: Lunch break

13:00-14:15: Tiago Cruz - Introduction to the CockpitCI project

14:15-14:45: Coffee break

14:45-16:00: Filipe Caldeira - Trust and Reputation for Critical Infrastructure Protection

16:00-17:15: Kari Jussila - Trade-off between Privacy and Security


Tuesday, November 26th 2013:

09:00-10:15: Juhani Anttila - Pitfalls in the management system standardization for information security

10:15-10:45: Coffee break

10:45-12:00: Simona Samardjiska - McEliece in the world of Escher

12:00-13:00: Lunch break

13:00-14:15: Christos Xenakis - Compromising users' privacy from stolen/lost mobile devices: the Android case

14:15-14:45: Coffee break

14:45-16:00: Antti Evesti - Case report on the NSA PRISM program

16:00-17:15: Gerald Quirchmayr - A Privacy Perspective on Social Media Analysis

17:15:           Juha Röning - Closing session

More information: Juha Röning







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