Infotech Oulu Research Groups 2010 - 2013


Full Members

Circuits and Systems Group - CAS Oulu

Research of the group focuses on micro and nanoelectronics design with a close link to available technologies. The field of the research is from the design of electronic/optoelectronic circuits, circuit blocks and systems to the development of design techniques and also to the applications in electronic and optoelectronic measurements and in radio telecommunications.

Intelligent Systems Group - ISG

The main objective of the group is to generate new applicable knowledge on intelligent systems and to generate positive societal impacts by applying this knowledge using scientifically plausible methods and state-of-the-art technology. The group's research focuses on safety and security, data mining, human-environment interaction, and mobile robotics and cybernetics.

Machine Vision Group - MVG

The Machine Vision Group is renowned world-wide for its expertise in computer vision. The computer vision methodologies developed  by the group are frequently cited and used in numerous applications around the world. The group contributes to the state of the art of research in face analysis, biometrics and intelligent human-machine interaction, as well as in energy-efficient architectures for ubiquitous computing systems.

MediaTeam Oulu

MediaTeam Oulu conducts leading-edge urban computing research with visible and lasting impact on the society.

Wireless Communication Systems Group - WICS

The group focuses on studying future wireless communications system concepts, networking technologies and related transceiver techniques.

Associate Members

Biomedical Engineering Group - BME

The mission of the group is to carry out significant basic, applied and translational research in biomedical engineering at an internationally high level. The aim is to develop, apply and evaluate novel biomedical measurement technologies in health and wellbeing. The research approach is interdisciplinary and focuses on measurement problems with the cardiovascular system, central nervous system and musculoskeletal system.

Electronic Materials, Packaging and Reliability Techniques - EMPART

The group consists of specialists in microelectronics, materials physics and chemistry, materials engineering and measuring techniques to cope with challenges related to the multidisciplinary research. The main focus is on new materials and technologies for next generation electronic devices, micromodules and printed electronics applications.

Human Interaction with Advanced Mobile Services and Intelligent Environments - INTERACT

INTERACT is a joint group between the department of information processing science and VTT Oulu. The main area of its research is user centered design and human interaction with technology in the focus area of mobile services and intelligent environments. The group is developing theoretical models on interaction and user experience, new methods for user-centered design of services and environments, and ne user interface concepts that are all tested both in laboratory and in the field through experimental systems built for the purpose.

Last updated: 21.11.2013