The Basics of Optical Design

Friday, March 20, 2015


The Basics of Optical Design is a post graduate course that is to be given during Spring 2015. The course introduces the basic theory behind the optical design, and advances to actual usage of optical design software (ZEMAX Optic Studio). The course is organized by Electronics laboratory, and because of that, will emphasize the modelling and design of laser based systems.

For the participant, the Basics of Optical Design course will give the possibility of getting introduced in the world of optical design and in to the modelling and design of common optical systems. The more complex zoom lenses or floating element focus groups will not be considered in the context of the course.

The course is principally split in to two different phases: first the theoretical background of the optical design and more than half of the course will then be spent on practical work with the design software. The course will be lectured twice a week, and once a week there will be a calculation exercise day during the theoretical part. After reaching the practical phase, both the lectures and exercises will be integrated to using of the design suite.

Successful completion of either the theoretical problems or the practical design exercises during the exercise days will be an advantage for the course participant in the final course grade.

The course is not available for people who have already left the University. This is due to licensing agreement of ZEMAX software.

The course is lectured by Mika Aikio, who has ten years of experience working as full-time optical designer at VTT.

The course will start on the last week of March, and ends at either the third or the fourth week of June. Course will be lectured either in Finnish or in English, depending on the number of participants.

If you want to participate to the course, please contact Juha Kostamovaara (Juha.Kostamovaara (at) by 20th of March.  

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