ITEE-DP: Advanced magnetic materials

Tuesday, September 6, 2016 to Friday, September 9, 2016


Infotech Oulu Doctoral Program

Lecturer:  Dr. Manoj Raama Varma, Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR-National Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences and Technology (CSIR-NIIST), Trivandrum, India

Date: September 6-9, 2016
Room: TS3110

Magnetic Behavior of Materials – Basics:  September 6, 2016   (9.00- 13.00 hrs)

This talk introduces the basic concepts of magnetism and its different types of manifestations in solid state materials. The different exchange interactions like double exchange, superexchange, RKKY, etc. are discussed with examples. This talk also gives insight into the different types of frustrated magnetic materials like spin glass, spin ice, superparamagnetism etc. Techniques used to characterise magnetic materials are also discussed. Associated Magnetic Phenomena for thin films such as magneto optics, magnetoresistance, exchange anisotropy, Hall effect etc will be discussed.

Magnetic Behaviour of Perovskite oxides:  September 7, 2016   (9.00- 13.00 hrs)

This talk explains the structure of perovskites and introduces Multiferroics or magnetoelectrics which have recently received considerable interest for both technological and fundamental motivations. The existence of ferromagnetism and ferroelectricity simultaneously in a single phase makes potential spin-phonon and spin-polar couplings, offer attractive opportunity to design various unconventional devices, such as multiple-state memory elements, electric-field controlled magnetic sensors etc. The magnetodielectric and spin-phonon coupling in these systems are also explained. Experimental results for the double perovskites will be explained with possible applications.

Magnetic behavior of Intermetallics: September 8, 2016  (9.00- 13.00 hrs)

This talk introduces the concept of magnetic refrigeration and the use of intermetallics such as Gd5(SixGe1-x)4, Heusler alloys for magnetic cooling applications. The exchange interactions governing the phenomenon are also explained. This talk also explains the various other magnetic phenomena observed in intermetallics such as exchange bias, magnetoresistance, etc. along with possible practical applications are discussed.

Applications and future Research directions: September 9, 2016 (9.00- 13.00 hrs)

Magnetism has become an integrated part of our daily life. In fact the areas of application for magnetism are much broader, and range from toys to security to health care to communication, transportation, and numerous other aspects of daily life. Magnetism results from specific forms of alignment on the part of electron charges in certain varieties of metals and alloys. The diverse applications of magnetism will be discussed in this section

More information: Jari Hannu, Heli Jantunen

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