Infotech breakfasts bi-weekly in Tellus

Monday, September 3, 2018

INFOTECH Institute continues the series of breakfasts, involving informal and relaxed chat on current research issues over a cup of coffee and breakfast. We are also inviting project PIs around different topics to give short presentations in the beginning of breakfasts.

You will have a chance to meet other colleagues in the Digital solutions in sensing and interactions - focus area, and also from other focus areas from time to time, hear the latest news related to INFOTECH and our focus area. 

Start your week in a relaxed way, skip your breakfast at home, and have one with INFOTECH!

The breakfast schedule for Spring 2019:

  • Monday 8.4 at 8-9 am, Tellus Stage  (HOX time!!)

Juha Röning, Seppo Vainio, Jussi Hiltunen (from VTT) -  Towards Human Internet of Things: Bridging Biosensors to Electronics via Printed Intelligence and Datamining

  • Monday 25.3 at 9-10 am, Tellus Stage 

Matti Silveri - Controlling and using energy losses to run quantum technologies


    The breakfast schedule for Autumn 2018:

    • Monday 3.12 at 9-10 am, Tellus Stage

    Janne Aikio - Integrated Millimeter-Wave Power Amplifier Design for 5G transmitters

    • Monday 19.11 at 9-10 am, Tellus Stage

    Jukka Kortelainen - Automatic assessment of neurological function in intensive care

    • Monday 5.11 at 9-10 am, Tellus Stage

    Janne Haverinen - From Research to Business

    • Monday 22.10 at 9-10 am, Tellus Stage:

    Markus Berg - Dual Polarized GNSS Reception for Positioning and Sensing

    • Monday 8.10 at 9-10 am, Tellus Stage: 

    Teemu Myllylä - Emerging theme project called "Towards monitoring the brain's cleaning system"

    • Monday 24.9 at 9-10 am, Tellus Stage: 

    Marja Matinmikko-Blue and Mika Rantakokko - The new 6Genesis Flagship appointed by Academy of Finland. Come and hear what the 6G Flagship is all about and how researchers can participate

    • Monday 10.9 at 9-10 am, Tellus Business Kitchen:

    Denzil Ferreira - Emerging theme project called “SENSATE: Entropy-AWARE Instrumentation for Just-In-Time Anomalous Human Behaviour Interventions



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    Last updated: 5.4.2019